Now more than ever, personal experience as consumers of technology informs expectations of technology in the workspace. At the time when technology in the home is frequently more advanced than technology in the workplace, and when individual consumers are adopting […]

The Virtual Workspace

Elliot Management 2
Activist hedge fund Elliott Management is shaking things up at Citrix Systems after disclosing a 7.1% stake in the company and offering a plan to create a leaner, meaner Citrix, citing the need for change following “years of layered complexity […]

Citrix’s Future Under Threat From Elliott Management

Citrix X1 Mouse 1
The Citrix X1 Mouse is genius, a perfect solution to the challenge of how best to run mouse dependent Windows apps on touch dependent iOS devices. Faced with the dichotomy of an operating system without mouse support, and a user experience that demands […]

The Citrix X1 Mouse

Amazon Workspaces
Amazon has taken a big step forward in its application delivery strategy, taking to the stage at the April AWS Summit in San Francisco to announce the introduction of AWS Marketplace for Desktop Apps, a dedicated storefront for Amazon’s Desktop […]

Amazon WorkSpaces Gains App Subscriptions but Still Falls ...

Last year’s EVO:RAIL specification from VMware marked the commoditization of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) appliances. In the months that followed, seven new HCI appliances were launched, all sharing a common hardware and software specification, with only minor differentiation to distinguish one […]

Workload-Optimized Hyperconvergence for VDI

We Love XenApp 2
On the Tuesday morning keynote that launched this year’s Citrix Synergy conference, Citrix CEO Mark Templeton took time to set to rest several years of speculation about the importance of XenApp. The message was unequivocal: “We love XenApp.”

Citrix XenApp Has a Lifecycle Management Problem

I recently previewed the 2015 NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) calling it the biggest VDI conference of the year. Well it has more than lived up to that billing with some of the most eye-opening sessions on desktop virtualization that […]

NVIDIA Delivers 3D VDI

Zero Clients
Unfortunately, as with so many marketing lead terms, a zero client is anything that a vendor’s marketing team wants it to be. Furthermore, given the wide diversity of client technologies available today, attempting to define a rigid technical standard in […]

Understanding Zero-clients

Phone 1 3
A new survey shows that IT staff willingness to accept the use of mobile device management technologies on BYOD-style employee owned phones is approaching zero. I conducted a survey on enterprise mobility management in October which included a number of […]

BYOD + MDM is a Dead End Strategy